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Welcome! I'm Sawyer Strong, a freshman at Colby College studying Computer Science and Economics. I have always wanted to make a positive mark on the world and I am beginning my journey towards doing that in my education.

I am currently interested in both business and software related internships, and I am excited to learn more about both subjects. In my free time I am an dedicated fan of the Boston Red Sox, and I am completely committed to the Marvel movies.

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Renaissance is a project I worked on for CS267, a Colby College Course. The piece was an interactive art display in which the audience approached a blank canvas and camera that took a photo of them. A neural style transfer was then used on the picture, and the audience was then "painted" in the style of a famous painting. I was the Lead Creative Director and focused on leading the project to the best final product. Learn more.

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Eariously is a tech startup where I am learning how to market and develop new products to begin to get a business off the ground. I work directly with one of the founders of the company to develop resources to aid in spreading knowledge of the product to other schools. Learn more.

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The Homeland Heroes Foundation

HHF is a charity serving veterans that I have worked as a volunteer for in different capacities over the past four years. I have run two drives for them and I developed and managed a digital donor/recipient management system as well as handled a Social Media Expansion for the organization. Learn more.

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